Jesse Harris

Circus Artist

As an acrobat and movement enthusiast, Jesse looks for ways to convey ideas and emotions through movement and physical expression. Curious about the ways that we see each other and how our senses perceive reality, Jesse strives to create other universes that can be shared on stage. Born between the red rock of the grand canyon, and the pine forest of the mountain, Jesse has always had a love for nature and exploration of the world that we live in. What started as snow boarding, rope swings, and climbing trees, became competitive soccer and gymnastics. Searching for something in the small wonders around us, both the physical universe and the way that we perceive it, Jesse found fascination in movement, theatre and storytelling. After falling in love with the world of circus Jesse moved to the culturally rich city of Montreal to pursue a professional career in this world of wonders. Born from his love of different movement styles and the way that they interact, Jesse pursued many different disciplines, including: Chinese pole, Hand to Hand, and acrobatics. Now, having become his own person, and having begun the process of cultivating a unique style of movement combining many disciplines, Jesse looks forward to the future and all of the experiences that this life will bring.

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