Jesse Harris Chinese Pole Technical Requirements


Stage Dimensions:

  • –  Minimum height from floor to ceiling: 8m | 26 ft

  • –  Minimum floor dimensions: 10m x 10m | 32ft x 32 ft

  • –  Three anchor points on the ground*

    Minimum working load 114 kg | 250 lbs Maximum working load 228 kg | 500 lbs Working Anchoring Load Limit 1512kg | 3335 lbs

  • **Drawing is not proportional, anchor points are further apart**


  • –  Pole has a circumference of 6.32 cm | 2.5 inches
  • –  Other rigging materials, weighing 55kg | 120 lbs

  •  Warm Up Requirements:

  • –  1 hour minimum for testing, rigging, and practice on stage prior to the show.

  • –   Access to dressing room and warmup space 2 hours prior to performance

  • –  Dressing room must be clean. Well lit, warm and have access to bathroom, and drinking water.

     Act Duration: 4 minutes (adjustable)

    ** The number can be adapted, contact for more information.

    Stage Lighting: Not required but possible.


    Special Requests:

  • –  The installation of rigging must be done by an experienced acrobatic rigger

  • –  The pole has to be provided or the artist can rent one on the contractor’s fees.

  • –  The artist can provide the rigger at additional costs.

  • –  The rigging structures and equipment must meet all of the safety requirements and ratings listed above.

  • –  The artist reserves the right to verify the rigging installation as well as equipment.

  • –  The artist reserves the right to communicate directly with the rigger(s)

The Artist Will Provide (Unless otherwise specified):

– Music (via USB or email) 

– Makeup

– Costume


The Employer will provide:

  • –  An experienced acrobatic rigger

  • –  A secure and properly rated rigging


  • –  An audio device to play music for number


For Any Questions or Inquiries, Contact me at: 

(928) 814-6545